Ainsworth Community Church, or “ACC” is a congregation of about 90 people, with a large population of children!  We have about 20 average at our Children’s Moment on Sundays, and we love to have families attending worship together!  The morning worship service is dynamic in that Pastor Jason uses technology and videos to enhance the message, and our music is always Spirit-led!  We have a Puppet Ministry, which blesses us with great music and puppeteers on some Sundays as well!  People of ALL ages love the puppets!  We have special guests and missions speakers as well as unpredictable moments of ministry.  There’s always something exciting happening at Ainsworth Community Church, we’ve even had a pig join us in the sanctuary!  We believe that God has a message of love and hope to share with everyone, and all are welcome to come!

ACC has two buildings, we have what we call the North Church, and the South Church.

South Church, Located at 322 Washington Street (corner of Washington & 4th)  Walk in Entrance on South side of building.  This is where our Sunday morning 10:30 worship service happens.   On any given Sunday at 10 a.m., you’ll find people starting to gather and have a cup of coffee and snack in the Sanctuary.  There is a walk up entrance at that corner, which takes you into our Fellowship Hall, the basement of the church.  Fellowship Hall is the home to our Food Pantry and Kitchen.  It’s where we serve up love to families during funeral meals, and church potlucks, and where the kids can play during our worship services.  We even have a Smart TV so anyone can watch and listen to the worship service LIVE while the kids can play as an alternative to sitting in the pews upstairs.   The walk-up entrance on the South side of the South Church is where you can climb the stairs into the back of the Sanctuary, and find our coffee and snack table before seating on Sunday mornings.   We have a Handicap Accessible entrance at the Northeast Corner of the South church.  There are several handicap parking spaces available for those who use them, and walk right into the church without having to climb any stairs at all. (If you are unable to walk from the handicap spots to the building, you may use the driveway to unload and then park, or ask for assistance, and one of our ushers will be happy to park for you!)  This entrance leads to the front of the Sanctuary, by the organ, but don’t worry – you’ll still be able to find the coffee and snacks just fine!  Parking for this building is on street, along Washington, 4th, and in the grass lot across the alley at North Church.

North Church is located at the corner of 4th and Lincoln.  This is the location for the Church Office, it’s also where the Kids Club meets on Wednesdays during the school year, where our Church Council meets.  There is plenty of activity going on in our North Church as well.  Feel free to get a tour of this building by asking one of our ushers, or have them direct you to Jan, our church secretary or to Pastor Jason.

Why two buildings?  Prior to 1973, the North Church housed the Presbyterian church, and the South Church housed the Methodist Church.  In 1973, Ainsworth became one of the first communities to create a “yoked” church – which means that the Presbyterians and Methodists joined together and became a Community Church.  We do try to abide by both Presbyterian and Methodist doctrines and alternate ministers accordingly.  Currently, Pastor Jason Collier serves as a Methodist minister.  If he ever becomes transferred, the church would then hire a Presbyterian minister.

Our worship is dynamic and exciting.  We sing traditional hymns and praise music; we also have special music and a Puppet Team.  We have a Children’s Moment, where the kids from birth to age 18 all go up to the chancel rail (the front of the Sanctuary) and interact with Pastor Jason or whichever adult has volunteered to lead that moment.  Children are given a small treat (candy, fruit snack, small gift) after the children’s moment and then go back to the pew to sit.
Our worship is reverent.  With the holy words and heavenly sounds of our church organ and the Sacraments (traditions) like communion and baptism as special events; each person who seeks out a reverent connection with God is sure to find it here.
Our worship is family friendly and casual.  Come as you are.  There is no dress code, except what would be appropriate in school or a public building.  Dress ranges from very causal (shorts and a t-shirt) to dressy, and occasionally, we do see a “church hat” in worship!🙂

Social Gathering starts at 10 a.m.
Worship begins at 10:30 a.m.
Goodbye Gatherings begin when church ends, and people stay sometimes up to an hour afterwards to socialize and catch up on each other!

You!  Anyone!  All are welcome!  You need not be a member of either denomination.  You need not be a Christian, you need not even live in Ainsworth!  Speaking of Ainsworth…

Our community is growing in culture, size and relationships, and we are proud to serve as the hub of the town’s communications and hospitality!  With many ministries, our people are consistently growing and reaching outward, to create an atmosphere of love and acceptance and showing God’s love to our families, friends, neighbors and the world!

We look forward to seeing you at church!  Come as you are, and enjoy the atmosphere of our congregation.  Come experience the love of Jesus.  Come to connect and grow!  If you have questions or would like more information, please feel free to call 319-657-3020 or email: ainsworthchurch@gmail.com to reach our  Church Secretary, Jan Temple.

God bless you and see you soon!