Important Update for the Boy Scout Food Collection Program


This Just In…
The Boy Scout Food Collection Program cut back their bags for distribution this year. We just received this news this morning at 9:00 a.m. The plan for tomorrow, Saturday, October 17th, has changed, and we will be putting bags on doors in AINSWORTH. Please meet at the South Church at 8:00 a.m. to help distribute the bags.

Washington Boy Scout Troop 242 will announce this change on KCII Radio, and will still collect some food from Washington, but the bags will be put out in AINSWORTH only.  Please make this very important change in your weekend plans.


This will change our Sunday, October 25 plans as well.  We will be meeting AFTER CHURCH to go out and pick up the food bags that day.  We will meet IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING AINSWORTH WORSHIP (around 11:30), to coordinate food pick up.  If you would be willing to help, that would be great!  ALL food will still be donated to Ainsworth Community Church Food Pantry.

Please call AmySara Richardson at 319-591-0745 if you have questions about this Food Collection effort to stock our food pantry for the winter.

God Bless you!


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