Dr. Charles Jackson at Bethel

All are invited, please call Bethel Church with questions or for more information!

With Dr Charles Jackson

Dr Charles Jackson will be with us to challenge us to see ourselves and the world in light of scriptures. He will be presenting in different forums  to help us understand and apply these truths.

“Dr. J” is director of College Ministries for the Creation Truth Foundation. He holds a
Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, two Master’s degrees, including
environmental biology, and a doctorate in Science Education from the University of
Virginia. He is also a lifetime member of Mensa, the international association for
people with IQs in the 98th percentile.

-Friday, March 4- 7pm– Forum for Youth and Parents: Developing A Biblical World View in
a scientific age
-Saturday, March 5- 7:30am– Men’s Breakfast with Dr J
-Saturday March 5- 7pm– Worship and Prayer- Letting God’s Truths Heal our Inner Wounds


Friday- Saturday- Sunday-March 4-6
3185 Wayland Road- 319 256 8531


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