“Life Groups” Information Meetings

life groups


For Who: The Ainsworth Community and surrounding area

What: Life Groups – Small groups of approximately 6-10 people that form to get to know each other better in our community and to create small support families within a larger family. It is suggested that individual groups will form to talk with each other about similar interests  and/or concerns at times and locations that are convenient to each individual group.

When: A series of 3 informational/organizational meetings: Sundays:  February 10, 17, and 24 at the Ainsworth Community Church, 4 to 5:30 PM to model what a “Life Group” is (or could be) before anyone makes any decisions about participating or leading in any group.

Where: Ainsworth Community Church, South Building Fellowship Hall at the Corner of 4th and Washington Street, Ainsworth, IA

Why: A way to get to know your neighbors and friends better through a combination of support group, social group, and/or Bible Study, all rolled into one. Come and discover for yourself how:

“Life really IS Better Together!”


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